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Menu Options

Conference Menus

SPECIAL MEALS: We are happy to accommodate those in your group who may have dietary restrictions, but please note that these special orders may have an addtional cost per guest TBD, depending on the dietary need. Our menu does have various indicated dietary options for your guests. Please also note that we do offer Halal options on our menu but are not a kosher facility but we may outsource a few kosher meals if needed. We do allow for your guests to also bring their own meal(s) from outside sources or the option that you may arrange for a kosher delivery at your convenience for your guest.

WATER SERVICE:  The sale and distribution of plastic bottled water has been eliminated by the Toronto Metropolitan University Student Centre. Pitchers of water are included with every catered booking. Water jugs are replenished when needed, throughout your event. For round table seating events, there will be 1 polished water glass, per seat, per person. For all other seating arrangements, there will be polished glasses on a water station table. 

PLATED DINNERS: Plated dinners are only available between May and August. Together with our Chef, we can create a unique menu for your special occasion.